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AT&T to Work with SunPower on Solar IoT in the US

SunPower and AT&T have paired up to combine IoT technology with SunPower’s newest home energy system SunPower Equinox™. Additionally they will be pairing marketing efforts to bring home solar solutions to qualified AT&T customers later this summer. The SunPower Equinox system is estimated to provide up to 70% more energy over 25 years alongside the added benefit of 70% fewer visible components than previous installations.

The combination of these technologies is designed in part to assist SunPower in maintaining and supporting solar power systems remotely, with a lessened need to for site visits. Howard Wenger, president of SunPower has commented: “Now by incorporating AT&T IoT technology into SunPower’s solar energy solutions, we are enabling a future of solar energy management that is reliable, simple, and cost-effective.” The Internet of Things technology is already used for customers to remotely monitor their homes and offices, and so will prove useful for monitoring solar panels for SunPower. For more on this, follow this link.


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