Trina Solar Breaks Efficiency Record for Large-Area IBC Silicon Solar Cell

A new world record has been made by Trina Solar in their State Key Laboratory of PV Science and Technology of China. The new record of 23.5% is in relation to total-area efficiency on a silicon solar cell with an Interdigitated Back Contact (IBC ) on a 156×156 mm2n-type mono-crystalline silicon (c-Si) wafer. This new record breaks the previous record for total area efficiency for the same solar cell which was 22.94% in May 2014.

Dr Pierre Verlinden, Vice-President and Chief Scientist of Trina Solar has said “From the beginning we developed a scalable technology for IBC solar cells around large-area 156mm x 156mm wafers as we believe that the wafer size is the key to manufacturing cost reduction of this efficient solar cell.”

This is particularly remarkable news considering this announcement comes only two years after a similar announcement by Trina Solar of 24.4% efficiency on a 2cmx2cm solar cell developed in conjunction with the Australian National University. For more on this, visit this page.


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