App for Electric Car Buyers on Kickstarter

Electric Car Insider magazine is developing an interactive mobile buyers guide for electric cars. The features of this app include: instructional video, images, podcasts, and interviews. More on the EV Buyers Guide here.


Alternative Sources of Energy – Biofuels

Biofuels are an alternative to fossil fuels. They include aegis ethanol and derivatives of plant sources such as sugar cane, and vegetable oils. According to The International Energy Agency (IEA), biofuels may comprise as much as 10% of the global gasoline supply by 2025.

However, we are still in the process of developing biofuels that have the same energy efficiency of petroleum-based gasoline. Many nations are investing in biofuels. For example, Brazil has an ethanol output of 3 ½ billion tones/ year.


Alternative Sources of Energy – Nuclear Power

Nuclear power has an efficiency of 80% and it is an environmentally friendly source of energy. The quantity of waste produced is low; however, the waste produced includes radioactive gases so it needs to be contained.


The nuclear power is produced from fission reactions. Atomic power plants control the fission reactions, so the chances of a meltdown are very limited. Many countries generate their own nuclear power.