Central Florida Homeowners Exposed to Radiation from Phosphate Mining

Homeowners in Central Florida have filed a class-action lawsuit against phosphate mine operators, because they did not warn them about the dangerously high levels of radiation emanating from the mines.

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) data shows that Lakeland-area subdivisions of Oakbridge and Grasslands have been exposed to toxic contamination from phosphate strip mines operated by Drummond Company. The lawsuit has been filed by Lainer Law Firm.

The contaminants include gamma rays, which can cause cancers. Uranium is another contaminant. Uranium releases radon, a gas that is connected with lung cancer.

“We are stepping in to do what the government has failed to do – fully disclose the extent of contamination and make sure these companies clean up the mess they’ve created,” stated said Mark Lanier, founder of Lanier Law Firm.


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