Greening the city — a measurement for a mindful environment

TRAPT is a Tool for Measuring the Tranquility of Urban Environments.

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Public Release: 3-Jul-2017

University of Bradford

Scientists at the University of Bradford have developed the world’s first Tranquillity Rating Prediction Tool (TRAPT), a scientific process for measuring how relaxing urban environments and public spaces are.

In a new paper published in the Urban Forestry and Urban Greening journal, lead researcher Professor Greg Watts believes that the tool could help planners, architects and environmentalists to understand what the impact of ‘greening’ measures like introducing trees, hedges or additional vegetation could have on urban spaces. It is hoped that in time the tool could allow users to optimise green spaces as part of the property development process, all before a spade hits the ground or to rejuvenate run-down suburbs and town centres.

Studies have illustrated a clear link between tranquil environments and stress reduction, well-being and pain relief. While quiet, green…

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‘Green Bullets’ vs. Renewable Energy: WHY isn’t there a level subsidy playing field? — JBS News Renewable Energy

Why should Oil

via ‘Green Bullets’ vs. Renewable Energy: WHY isn’t there a level subsidy playing field? — JBS News Renewable Energy

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Plug and Play Collaborates with Siemens to Launch Energy & Sustainability Innovation Program

Siemens is supporting Plug and Play in their program for new technologies for the energy market. The Energy & Sustainability Innovation Platform will focus on digital platforms and new business models in the energy market, energy efficiency, distributed energy resources; wind, solar, energy storage and microgrids, electric mobility, alternative energy, etc. Each year, two 3-month programs will be organized for early and growth stage startups, corporations, and venture capitalists.

energy efficency“Key targets include the reduction of emissions, the utilization of digital technologies and new business models, the increase of energy efficiency, and the management of the growing renewable install base, all embraced by the Energy and Sustainability Program,” says Bernd Wachmann, Head of Innovation of the Power and Gas Division of Siemens.


Researchers have been underestimating the cost of wind and solar — Our Finite World

How should electricity from wind turbines and solar panels be evaluated? Should it be evaluated as if these devices are stand-alone devices? Or do these devices provide electricity that is of such low quality, because of its intermittency and other factors, that we should recognize the need for supporting services associated with actually putting the […]

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The ‘big green bang’ in renewable energy

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“The greatest shortcoming of the human race is our inability to understand the exponential function” said the late professor Albert Bartlett. We’re just not very good at projecting growth into the future. We tend to underestimate it and then be surprised by how large things have become. Often that’s bad things, ending in shortage or overshoot. But sometimes we underestimate good things too.

As commentators such as Chris Goodall or Jeremy Leggett argue, people have looked at things like solar power and gone ‘only 1% of global energy? It’ll never come to anything!’. But they argue that if you understand the exponential function and the natural logic of growth, renewable energy will overtake fossil fuels. Add developments in battery technology to the mix, and it’s not unreasonable to imagine that solar power will eventually be our main source of energy.

The Financial Times had a special report out last week…

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