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Texas Flooding – Rainfall Could Exceed 50 Inches…


The National Weather Service said Sunday the flooding in the Houston Texas area was “unprecedented” and its impacts are “unknown & beyond anything experienced.” Houston officials now looking for anyone with a boat to help search and rescue efforts. Additionally, Galveston Texas officials are looking for anyone with flat bottom boats to rescue people.

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E-Waste Recycling Facts

Since the start of 2017, we have thrown out more than 6.4m tonnes of electronic goods, according to The World Counts, a website keeping a live tally of global e-waste. If past patterns are any judge, not much of this will get properly recycled: less than a sixth of the e-waste discarded around the world in 2014 was dealt with in this way, says the UN.

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Dallas Hottest City in America – New Report

Texas Trees Foundation’s 2017 Dallas Urban Heat Island Effect report shows that the air temperature in Dallas is rising faster than every other city except Phoenix. The report studied the impacts and implications of air temperatures at the neighborhood level for a period of one year. Dr. Brian Stone, Professor, School of City and Regional Planning, GIT, conducted the study. Here are some important findings of the report:

  • Hottest parts of Dallas averaged a high of 101°F and a low of around 80°F for five full months.
  • With 52 casualties, deaths linked to heat in Dallas County were highest in 2011.
  • Deaths reduced by over 20% by planting trees in the hottest areas with high density residential because of the decrease in temperature.

According to the study, “Cities do not cause heat waves – they amplify them.  Human activities on climate at the city/regional scale, accounting for both land surface changes and emissions of greenhouses gases, may be twice as great as the impacts of greenhouse gases alone.”

CEO Texas Trees Foundation Janette Monear said “Our foundation is focused on making spaces cooler, greener and cleaner, and data has long affirmed that trees are vital to achieve this laudable and critical goal.” He further added “North Texas is seeing unprecedented growth, and with growth comes new buildings, roads and parking lots.  It’s imperative that we come together to balance the grey with the green to ensure North Texas is a desirable place to live and work.”

The study was funded by American Forests, Alliance Data and Wells Fargo. You can find the study here.



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ASLA Disapproves Elimination of Flood Risk Management Standard

The American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA) has strongly responded to President Trump’s executive order on the streamlining of environmental approval for major infrastructure projects.

flood risk management

Executive VP and CEO of ASLA Nancy Somerville, Hon. stated “ASLA is deeply concerned with the executive order’s roll back of the Federal Flood Risk Management Standard (FFRMS). This order ignores both existing risks of flooding and future impacts of climate change, thereby increasing the risk of loss of property and lives.”


Become a Clean Tech Investor in Canada

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