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“HI-LIGHT” Solar Thermal Chemical Reactor Wins Grand Prize at Create The Future

Cornell University and Dimensional Energy (Ithaca, NY) have received a  $20k grand prize in the 2017 “Create the Future” Design Contest for their “HI-LIGHT” Solar Thermal Chemical Reactor. One of 1,150 ideas competing for the prize, the application cost-efficiently converts waste CO2 into clean liquid fuel using a process that mimics plant photosynthesis.

Team leader Elvis Cao, a Ph.D. Student at Cornell University, stated “I would like to express our greatest gratitude to the judges for choosing our team as the Grand Prize Winner.”

According to Bernt Nilsson, Senior VP of Marketing of event sponsor COMSOL, Inc.,”Whether it’s a start-up or Fortune 500 company, only bold design innovation can provide an atmosphere where individuals and businesses thrive.”




New Report on the CNG and LPG Vehicle Market

Research and Markets is offering a new report on the CNG and LPG market. The growth of the LPG and CNG vehicle market, among other factors, has been due to government policies to develop these two resources as a transportation fuel.

Moreover, LPG and CNG are considerably cheaper than petrols. Further growth of LPG and CNG fueling network is another factor that will fuel the LPG and CNG vehicle market in future. Economies such as China and India will be important markets because of demand for passenger and commercial vehicles, regulations for emissions, and uncertainty in oil prices.