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New Research Examines Impact of Hydropower Development on The Amazon

Hydropower projects are rapidly altering the Andean-Amazon region, according to new research by FIU Institute of Water and Environment, published this week in Science Advances.

The research team studied 302 dams, including 160 proposed dams for rivers draining Andean headwaters of the Amazon. They have compiled a comprehensive database that can show the overall impact of hydropower development on the region. The possible impacts of news dams include loss in river connectivity, impact on fish populations, and permanent alteration of channels and floodplains.

rainforestCommenting on the project, research team leader, professor Elizabeth Anderson from FIU, said, “I hope that by showing the regional trends and that there is widespread river alteration happening, this research can lead to more coordinated development and help to highlight the importance of keeping some rivers free-flowing in the region.”

The research involved 15 institutions from eight countries, conservation organizations, and local governments. The international collaboration for the project has resulted in a new initiative, Rios Vivos Andinos, the purpose of which is to facilitate further examination of freshwater biodiversity, river flows, and human well-being.

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World Ocean Review Focuses on The World’s Coasts for its 5th Edition

Coasts are a venue for recreation, trade, and energy generation. World Ocean Review’s (WOR) Coasts – A Vital Habitat Under Pressure focuses on the development, use and future of this valuable resource. This is the fifth volume of WOR and it’s published by non-profit maribus gGmbH.

According to the UN, about 2.8 billion people live 100 km or less from the coast. 13 megacities are in the immediate vicinity of the coast. The publication examines the evolution of coasts, their use, and the impact of climate change on coasts.

According to editor of WOR, Nikolaus Gelpke, “I am certain that with this issue we will contribute to a topic of increasing importance, the coasts of our earth.” maribus gGmbH collaborated with the International Ocean Institute (IOI), magazine mare, and coastal researchers from the German Marine Research Consortium (KDM) and the Kiel Cluster of Excellence for the publication.



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Texas Flooding – Rainfall Could Exceed 50 Inches…


The National Weather Service said Sunday the flooding in the Houston Texas area was “unprecedented” and its impacts are “unknown & beyond anything experienced.” Houston officials now looking for anyone with a boat to help search and rescue efforts. Additionally, Galveston Texas officials are looking for anyone with flat bottom boats to rescue people.

via Texas Flooding Breaks all Records – Rainfall Totals Could Exceed 50 Inches… — The Last Refuge

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ASLA Disapproves Elimination of Flood Risk Management Standard

The American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA) has strongly responded to President Trump’s executive order on the streamlining of environmental approval for major infrastructure projects.

flood risk management

Executive VP and CEO of ASLA Nancy Somerville, Hon. stated “ASLA is deeply concerned with the executive order’s roll back of the Federal Flood Risk Management Standard (FFRMS). This order ignores both existing risks of flooding and future impacts of climate change, thereby increasing the risk of loss of property and lives.”

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Kiwi Energy, City Parks Foundation Partner to Educate New Yorkers about the Coastal Ecosystem

Kiwi Energy, an electricity and gas supplier for NY State, is collaborating with The City Parks Foundation, a non-profit that organizes programs in parks in NY city, on its Coastal Classroom program.

coastal ecosystemThe Coastal Classroom program educates New Yorkers about waterways, species living in waterways, and our role regarding these ecosystems. Students also “get their feet wet” in some of the city’s coastal hot spots.

According to Richard Booth, President retail at Kiwi Energy, “City Parks Education’s Coastal Classroom is a unique opportunity for students and provides a foundation for environmental education and awareness. Kiwi Energy is proud to support this initiative.”