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Oklahoma to Build World’s Second Largest Wind Farm. France & UK Pledge to Ban Fossil Fuel Vehicles


If we’re going to effectively deal with climate change while maintaining economic prosperity, then it’s absolutely essential to rapidly transition fossil fuel based energy to non-carbon emitting energy. And some of the best options for doing so presently involve leveraging economies of scale with three widely available technologies — wind, solar, and low cost storage and […]

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Plug and Play Collaborates with Siemens to Launch Energy & Sustainability Innovation Program

Siemens is supporting Plug and Play in their program for new technologies for the energy market. The Energy & Sustainability Innovation Platform will focus on digital platforms and new business models in the energy market, energy efficiency, distributed energy resources; wind, solar, energy storage and microgrids, electric mobility, alternative energy, etc. Each year, two 3-month programs will be organized for early and growth stage startups, corporations, and venture capitalists.

energy efficency“Key targets include the reduction of emissions, the utilization of digital technologies and new business models, the increase of energy efficiency, and the management of the growing renewable install base, all embraced by the Energy and Sustainability Program,” says Bernd Wachmann, Head of Innovation of the Power and Gas Division of Siemens.


CIP Hires E.ON for 196 MW Texas Project

Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners (CIP) has contracted E.ON Energy Services (EES) for its 196.7 MW Bearkat I wind farm in Glasscock County, Texas. E.ON will provide a range of services including construction management, on-site supervision, transition support, balance of plant management, asset management, and energy management.

Christian Skakkebæk, Senior Partner at CIP, said “Bearkat I is our second wind project under construction in the U.S. and it is great to have experienced players like E.ON to work with.” Patrick Woodson, Chairman of E.ON in North America, said “E.ON is pleased to be working with such an experienced and professional team at CIP.  We want to help facilitate their growth in the U.S. market as they continue to expand their investment portfolio,”


Tri Global Continues to Dominate the Texas Wind Energy Market

According to the U.S. Wind Industry Fourth Quarter 2016 Market Report, out of the 5,400 megawatts (MW) of wind power projects currently under construction in Texas, 3100 MW are being developed by Tri Global Energy.

According to Chairman & CEO Tri Global Energy John Billingsley, “For many rural communities in Texas, wind is critical to economic development – and I expect this to remain the case for some time to come.” He further said, “Based on our success here, we are now expanding our presence in other rural communities across the country.”


A Look at Airborne Wind Energy

With $200 million investment from company’s such as Google, EON, and Softbank, Airborne Wind Energy (AWE) has become a notable emerging technology. AWE involves electricity generation with drones, kites, or turbines airborne at altitudes where the wind is stronger and more consistent. AWE could also cost less than a traditional wind turbines.

IDTechEx Research has published a new report on AWE titled Airborne Wind Energy (AWE) 2017-2027. According to author of the report Chairman of IDTechEx Dr Peter Harrop, “Four developers plan to commercialise their AWE systems in the next four years, others promise sales later. Several will succeed – the market may grow in a similar way to traditional wind turbines.”