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Harvest Energy Solutions Testifies before U.S. Senate on Energy Program in the Farm Bill

Appearing before the U.S. Senate Committee on Agriculture, Nutrition and Forestry yesterday Mark Olinyk, President of Michigan EIBC member company Harvest Energy Solutions, testified in support of the Rural Energy for America Program (REAP) in the 2018 Farm Bill. He stated that REAP’s inclusion in the 2014 Farm Bill was critical to his business’s success.

“REAP has been a component of nearly a quarter of our business,” Olinyk stated “Not only is it critical to our bottom line, REAP allows our clients to save electricity, save money, achieve greater efficiencies, and make their operations more stable, less risky, and more profitable.”

REAP grants and loans help farmers and rural businesses invest in renewable energy systems or make energy efficient improvements. Olinyk further said that the program helps to grow the clean and efficient energy industry and create jobs in rural America. The reauthorization bill will have to pass out of Committee before being moved to the full Senate, and then the House.

Harvest Energy Solutions designs, sells, and installs solar panels for its agricultural and rural customers.


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Federal Policy: CPSC Warns Pregnant Women and Children Against Toxic Flame Retardants

In a landmark recommendation, the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) has asked consumers, particularly those who are pregnant or with young children, to ask retailers if their children’s products, electronics casings, furniture, and mattresses are free from organohalogen flame retardants. The recommendation further asks manufacturers to eliminate the use of these chemicals. Ninety seven percent of Americans have toxic flame retardants in their bodies.

This is a clear shift from the “one chemical at a time” policy. According to Commissioner Elliot Kaye,”As a policy maker, and more importantly, as a parent, I am horrified and outraged at how chemicals are addressed in this country.” He further said, “Waiting to assess the safety of chemicals after they are already in consumers’ homes and our children’s bloodstreams is totally irrational public policy.”


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“HI-LIGHT” Solar Thermal Chemical Reactor Wins Grand Prize at Create The Future

Cornell University and Dimensional Energy (Ithaca, NY) have received a  $20k grand prize in the 2017 “Create the Future” Design Contest for their “HI-LIGHT” Solar Thermal Chemical Reactor. One of 1,150 ideas competing for the prize, the application cost-efficiently converts waste CO2 into clean liquid fuel using a process that mimics plant photosynthesis.

Team leader Elvis Cao, a Ph.D. Student at Cornell University, stated “I would like to express our greatest gratitude to the judges for choosing our team as the Grand Prize Winner.”

According to Bernt Nilsson, Senior VP of Marketing of event sponsor COMSOL, Inc.,”Whether it’s a start-up or Fortune 500 company, only bold design innovation can provide an atmosphere where individuals and businesses thrive.”